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Treat yourself to an unforgettable luxury experience at Hot Tubs Omarama. Our sustainable hot tubs provide the ultimate relaxation with locally sourced wood and pure New Zealand mountain water. Experience the stunning beauty of New Zealand while feeling good about being environmentally conscious. Book now for a truly unforgettable hot tub experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Your own little slice of paradise

Hot Tubs Omarama has been meticulously designed to create a healthy spa facility that offers private landscaped sites and combines the virtues of immersing in pure mountain water with the upper Waitaki/Mackenzie country scenery around you. Create stunning memories with you and your loved one while the stresses and worries soak away as you sit back.

Make Memories 

Our larger hot tubs can accommodate up to 8 people so you can soak in the views with family and friends. Making special memories in the most relaxing way possible while surrounded by New Zealand's wildlife. We offer every individual who visits the opportunity to escape the stresses modern-day living.

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Private paradise

Experience pure tranquility with no interruptions from the outside world. Your hot tub is completely private so you can escape all your stresses and worries. 

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