Day or Night Beauty

In summer or winter by day or night, you can experience our incredible views.

During the day you can see our beautiful landscape in all its glory. During the night you can unwind with our breathtaking night sky view.

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Snow or Shine

Our tubs can be set to the perfect temperature whether it's sunny or snowing. Whatever season it is when you visit us, we'll make sure your tub is at the ideal temperature, whether it be hot for Winter or cooler for Summer. You can even change the temperature yourself by adding cool pure New Zealand water from the tap or turning up the heat from the natural wood fire that heats your tub.

Enjoy beauty in your South Island journey however and whenever you like.

Pure Experience

At Hot Tubs Omarama, we use natural and sustainable New Zealand resources to bring your tub to life.

To heat your tub, we use locally sourced wood to keep your tub at an optimal temperature.

You'll be relaxing in our pure New Zealand water that comes down off the beautiful surrounding mountains.

For keeping your tub cooler, our pure New Zealand water is at an arms reach through the tub tap.

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We have wooden tubs lined with stainless steel to accommodate groups up to 5 or tubs to accommodate groups up to 8

We also have an easily accessible tub, on request at the time of booking. This tub has a sloping ramp and a rail up to the edge of the tub to enable ease of access when entering and exiting the tub. 

All are welcome at Hot Tubs Omarama.

Designed for Relaxation

Hot tubs Omarama has been designed to create scenery optimal for relaxation while also creating a healthy spa facility. Each tub venue has been designed so they're private. This is so you can immerse yourself in the pure mountain water surrounded by the beautiful upper Waitaki/Mackenzie country scenery with no disturbances from the outside world. 


Welcome to your Hot Tub

How to use your Hot Tub

1. Use our map to find your way out to your private Hot tub

2. We've already set up your tub at an ideal temperature

3. To cool down the tub, turn the tap to allow cold water in

4. If you need to heat it up, carefully open the lid as shown in the video above

5. No need to stoak the wood, we've done all of the hard work for you.

6. Enjoy your Hot Tubs Omarama Experience

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