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Hot Tubs Winter


Experience true luxury with Hot Tubs Omarama. Our sustainable hot tubs feature locally sourced wood and pure New Zealand mountain water for the ultimate relaxation experience. Indulge in the beauty of New Zealand while being kind to the environment. Book with us now for an unforgettable hot tub experience.

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Soak in the view with your loved one or up to 8 people. You can control the temperature of the hot tub so it is at your liking. Your private hot tubs are filled with fresh mountain water with no harsh chemicals added. The wooden tubs have been crafted from sustainably harvested Canadian Western Red Cedar while the stainless steel inner provides a smoother comfort. You can relax knowing everything is sustainably sourced.

Sit back and take in the beautiful Omarama landscape.  

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Your exclusive wellness pod is the perfect way to start or end your adventures in the surrounding areas of Omarama. A busy day of skiing, biking, fishing or even sightseeing is beautifully complemented by an experience at Hot Tubs Omarama. After you've warmed up in our Sauna, you can head out to your private hot tub where you will take in the spectacular surrounding views.

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Ready when you are, come and find us

Soak in the views and experience pure relaxation at Hot Tubs Omarama and experience the pure mountain water. An iconic New Zealand must-do destination.

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